We only gone and done it!

Its graduation week for us here at Sussex, and we will soon be bidding farewell to this year’s BA Social Work finalists. We wish our finalists all the very best for the future – don’t forget us and let us know how you are getting on from time to time.

In the meantime, we wanted to share with you (with permission) a poem by class reps, Fran Sacco and Christen Williams, on the social work education journey. The poem was delivered by Fran and Christen with much gusto at a wonderful event that was organised by our finalist to celebrate their achievements.

Well done everyone!


We only gone and done it!

By Fran Sacco and Christen Williams


Welcome social workers, we’re qualified at last,

Haven’t the last few years gone so bloody fast?

Just sit back, relax, we’ll take you back in time

When we were young, keen, and our faces had a few less lines,


Remember the fear on your first day?

Your name 100 times you had to say,

Struggling to make new friends, can be a little lame,

But alas, Russell was on hand, with his board games


Some fresh faced from collage, practice or access,

We all made in on the course, a small but significant success,

Ready to start learning, what a doss – two days a week,

David and his giant jumpers, and Jem with his cheek,



We studied it, and learnt it, and became social work swots,

Assignments, presentations, portfolios, that’s FINE,

We could just console ourselves with chocolate and wine,


Now onto second year, with hindsight we could see

All through first year study days were a luxury,

9-5 on placement, and not to forget PIP,

Half way through the year, things got a little shit


Slowly but surely we all found our feet,

Beginning to feel like social workers, was a pleasant treat

However those dreaded 21 NOS’s we had to remember,

Made us apprehensive about the coming November


When third year came we had no time to pause,

Straight into placement, but for a good cause,

Feeling more confident – we’ve done this before,

But not that bloody Concept Note – what a chore!


Juggling all our work, became a circus act,

Family, friends and partners could have given us the sack,

There was a light at the end of the tunnel – placement was no more

Then that dissertation came knocking at our door.


Finally our mammoth work load was completed

Despite the tears and sleepless nights, we were not defeated

But we would like to take a moment to acknowledge and say

Good luck to those who are not with us, and have gone a different way


Lets take some time to reflect on all that we have done

Writing those 49,000 words was no easy run

But here we are today, it’s been a challenging few years,

And we couldn’t have done it without the support of our peers


Join us now, and raise your glasses and cheer, WE ONLY GONE AND DONE IT!


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